About Us

The Army Future Studies Group (AFSG) is a broadening program that operates on an annual cycle and reports directly to the Commanding General of US Army Futures Command (CG USAFC). It was originally established by GEN Raymond Odierno as the Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Studies Group (CSA SSG) in the summer of 2012. Over the past six years the group has developed a variety of research and analysis products that have positively impacted the U.S. Army at all levels, most recently serving as the planning cadre for the establishment of the USAFC.
The mission of the AFSG is to prepare its officers and civilians to assume key leadership roles within the USAFC and to conduct independent research and analysis on behalf of the CG USAFC. The AFSG is diverse by design, bringing together operators, scientists, analysts and other experts representing the breadth of the total Army.
The AFSG builds high-performing multi-disciplinary teams and develops their skills to solve the complex problems the Army will face in the future. It promotes a culture of collaboration, experimentation and innovation. The AFSG develops networks of relationships across the Army and Defense Department, other U.S. governmental agencies, industry, business, and academia, often serving as the connective tissue that catalyzes enterprise-level results.

Our Values

Invest in Human Talent. The AFSG program develops change agents for the future. Innovation is a foundation for success in any organization; we fundamentally believe that this requires investing in our people.
Teamwork. All AFSG work is done in a team environment. We create a ‘group IQ’ which greatly exceeds our individual IQs by developing common understanding of problems and solutions, and through sharing our individual knowledge and experiences freely across the group.
Open, Honest Dialogue. In the AFSG, ideas have no rank; we draw forth the best ideas from the group. Our concept teams refine their ideas through rigorous debate and professional critique, including internal and external reviews. It is vital that the group works together in an atmosphere of mutual courtesy and respect; as professional colleagues, we give and receive critical feedback without rancor.
Innovative, Unconventional, and Unconstrained. A principal goal of the AFSG is to expand our team’s perspectives on a wide range of topics, allowing them to break out of personal and institutional biases and look for solutions to Army challenges wherever they may be found.